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About Anastasiya

Anastasiya is certified Energy Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Master Herbalist M.H., Extraterrestrial Healing and Communication Practitioner (ET-Healing practitioner), Light/Soul Language Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Certified Animal Communicator, Certified in Tarot and Psychic Reading, Conscious Nutrition Practitioner. She is an intuitive healing facilitator who integrates all non-traditional healing modalities into one to facilitate people with their own innate healing abilities.


Born and raised in small town in Central Asia near Tian Shan mountains, also known as Tengri Tagh, meaning the Mountains of Heaven, Anastasiya discovered her talents at a very young age. At around 5 years of age, she realized that she had abilities that were far beyond the realm of what is considered normal to many. She could predict future events, read minds and communicate with spirits and beings from other dimensions.


During her childhood she exhibited signs of telekinetic abilities and she would often find herself able to make household items move or fall without touching them. Her gifts also meant that she was highly empathic and intuitive which led her down a path of understanding and healing.


From a young age, Anastasiya has been able to interact and communicate with light beings and extraterrestrials as well as see other dimensions clearly. She can see earth and cosmic energies as well as orb beings and spirits. She has also in the past been able to channel light beings such as angels and believes her innate ability to communicate effectively with others is a crucial part of the healing process.

Anastasiya was born into a long lineage of women who, through their connection to nature and the universe heal using herbs and natural energy. As a healer facilitator, Anastasiya also believes in using herbs and supplements to aid in whole body transformation and rejuvenation. She believes that any disease can be healed and that Mother Earth has all necessary elements to aid us in the healing process.


Beyond the natural elements, the power of our thoughts and the healing energies around us are powerful tools that Anastasiya can help us use to our advantage. She truly believes that every person has healing and other extraordinary abilities that can be beneficial to us if we learn to unlock and use them.


At age 17 Anastasiya and her mother moved to the United States where she became a licensed real estate agent and dental hygienist. Although she was very successful in her chosen career path, she gave it all up to follow the path she was meant to be on. Using her abilities and gifts, she is a natural healing facilitator who engulfed herself in spiritual practices from an early age.

Anastasiya has psychic, metaphysical and mystical abilities and she has developed her own way of healing by combining all her gifts. As she has grown and matured, so have her abilities. She is here to aid and facilitate the healing abilities in each person in order to promote the natural healing process.


"I have had a few healing sessions with Anastasiya and her team. And the results are amazing. She took care of my sport’s injury and my twitching eye.  She is the real deal and I recommend her to everybody."

Gene, NJ

"I am so grateful to universe for connecting me with Anastasiya, she is amazing person with huge open heart! She is right on point with her intuitive channeling and her energy healing is out of this world! After our first session I felt  great energy boost and my overall health has been improving.  I can’t wait to see Anastasiya again!"

Pamela, NY

''Honestly, I have searched far and wide for such a holistic healer with many talents. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars I can say with confidence that Anastasiya is that healer. Not only does she customize the session with all her different healing modalities, she is a no nonsense kind of healer. She gets straight to the point , which is great when you really are interested in healing. What can take multi sessions with one healer with take 1 with her. I could review here for hours because I am so satisfied with her work, but I won't. What I will say is if you are serious and looking for no BS you found your perfect healer. Thank you Ana for the healing, growth and guidance. You have forever changed my life for the better.''

Elizabeth Molina the Beauty Guru, NY

''Wow, at first I was skeptical of Extraterrestrial communication and a bit nervous as I've never experienced this type of session before and had no idea what to expect. But once I saw Anastasia for our initial session she put me at ease right away, once she opened energetic portal I felt so much energy and love coming from her guides, I was just blown away to another dimension. I am still experiencing positive effects since my last session with Anastasia and her guides. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking positive changes in their lives. Peace!''
Roman, NY

''I've had sessions with Anastasiya for the past 3 years and I couldn't be happier in my life. She changed my life completely! I came as broken person, could not function or even had any motivation to live. She helped me find my broken pieces back and mend it back together. I've gained power over my life and am recovering from all my past traumas. She became my friend and my beacon of light, with all her support and healing abilities. She is a gift. Thank you for everything, you really changed my life forever!"

Evelina R., PA

''My sessions with Anastasiya have been life changing. I connected and acknowledged my star family and my true potential here on earth. She guides and directs the process of evolution within like no other spiritual teacher I have met. She leads and connects you to your goal and mission. She is masterful, life transforming and beyond gifted about guiding your present, future and past paths. Blessed are all those who encounter her wisdom. Thank you! 

With love & light''

Odalis, NY

''A friend of mine once said to me: “You need a healing session with Anastasia! She is amazing.” I trusted my friend’s recommendation and reached out. I had liberating and transformational experience. Anastasia helped me with my “grounding” issues. I can’t be more thankful for her help. Highly recommended!''


Managing Partner at NYC Boutique Consultancy, NY

 ''I was gifted a reading from a dear friend who always spoke about her amazing spiritual healer. Ana is   extremely insightful. She answered all of my questions before I got the chance to ask them. She opened connection with my ancestors. She helped guide me through some uncertainties that I was having all while making sure I was comfortable and not overwhelmed. I truly recommend this experience to anyone! I've even referred my mother and my best friend. I cannot thank Ana enough! I will definitely be coming back for more sessions!''

Ariana, Miami FL

 ''I was referred to Ana by a friend during one of the hardest times of my life. Ana changed my life in so many ways and was able to bring me back to my true self. I would not be where I am now without her.

Thankful for her beautiful light!''

N.D., NY

 ''I had a great experience with Anastasiya. She was able to connect to my energy and help me on healing journey. I highly recommend her, she is very knowledgeable and highly experienced.''

N.K., FL

''If anyone is looking for a life-changing experience, this is it. I had the amazing opportunity and honor of having a session with Anastasiya. The energy and light that emanates from her is other worldly. During the session it's as though she takes you with her and raises you to another dimension and you have a glimpse of what it is like. She connects you with your guides and helps you with the questions you have, even before you ask, she has already touched upon them. The effects afterwards last way beyond the session.

Thank you Anastasiya for choosing to come here to earth and to help us raise our vibrations, to find our true selves and to uncover our potential! 

Thank you for being the bridge and for reminding us, so we can heal, transcend and fulfill our soul's purpose.


The session with you is very fascinating, because you have the spoken part, but also the other part, where your energy and light comes through and also affects the whole session and beyond.

Once again, a thousand times thank you Anastasiya!''

Dessi M., Bulgaria/Belgium

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