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To request a booking, please send direct email to
specifying which session you wish to book.
In person sessions are now available for my existing clients only (my place or studio office)

Anastasiya has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:


Intuitive Reading and Guidance + Soul Activation and Upgrade 

This session helps to get to know you on Spirit level. I would channel messages from Spirit Guides, Extraterrestrials, Light Beings, Angels and Cosmic or Earth energies, in some cases I would incorporate Tarot Card or Astrology readings for deeper level of intuitive reading. This session also helps to connect you to your ancestral origins/lineage which will help activate your special gifts and align your energy field back with cosmic consciousness. You can ask any questions you wish, I will channel answers for you from your Guides or Universal Consciousness(Akasha). 

The session is individually structured and passed based on your level of receptivity.

I will also teach you how to connect with your Guides and Light Beings, if you wish.

1 hour session- $133 suggested donation.

Universal Intuitive Healing Facilitation and Soul Guidance

This session is combined with Intuitive Reading and Guidance for optimal healing experience. The session is done with the help of light beings and other healing/intuitive modalities. This session helps to reconnect you back to your Divine Light, clear unresolved situations and relationships that are no longer serving your highest good, release of negative attachments, bad influences, addictions, psychic attacks, clearing blockages, finding the cause of feeling not in balance, past life releases, emotional imbalances, rebalancing dietary needs, ancestral reconnection and more. The session will be adjusted to each individual's needs to meet their optimal healing goal. Please note this session can be very intense as a lot of clearing and releasing will happen. Please be sure you are well rested and hydrated before the session. I highly advise to do this session for first time clients, as it helps to open up your Soul and prepare you for other spiritual workings. 

2 hours session - $333 suggested donation.

Cosmic Herbology Consultation and Report

I make use of all natural healing modalities and let Universal energies guide me to facilitate my client's healing needs. The session focuses on bringing balance and harmony to the physical body, mind and soul with the help of herbal remedies. You will receive a typed report on remedies and instructions on how to take them. I will also send you the list of beneficial herbs that you can take on everyday bases(such as teas, cooking, etc.) according to your birth date.

How Cosmic Herbology can help you? 

By tapping into your energetic field with the guidance from Universal/Cosmic energies I will receive information about any disharmony in your body and see which part of your physical body is out of balance and in need of attention. I will receive list of herbs that will be beneficial for your body from my guides or Cosmic Consciousness. Any questions and concerns will be addressed during the session. This type of session can be done remotely via phone consultation or in person. It lasts anywhere from 30 min. to 1 h. You will receive an email report with a list of herbs and instructions on how to take them. Report can take up to 5 days to finish as I need to energetically connect and read your energy on your daily routine to see what lifestyle changes or adjustments needed in order to get the right supplements and detoxing.

I also provide 30 days heavy metal and candida detox if there is a need for it.

30-60 min for initial consultation - $222 suggested donation.

Animal Communication and Healing

Any domestic animal is welcome for this session. During the session I connect with your animal companions telepathically and ask if they want to communicate about anything specific. After that we discuss any questions you wish to ask. This session gives your animal companions the opportunity to tell you things they would like you to know. I will do Reiki Healing if healing is indicated for your companion.

455min-1 hour session - $88 suggested donation.

(Please note that animals are much easier to communicate with and open for healing facilitation as they do not hold any unresolved Karmic issues, hence the price is lower from my regular 1 h session as animals are more open to receive and communicate)

Universal Package Deal

I am now offering sessions package on intuitive guidance and mentoring.

Please note the packages does not include the 2 h Universal Intuitive Healing Facilitation and Soul guidance session. If you in need of 2 h healing facilitation session please book it separately from any packages.

Sessions package are focused on mentorship and guidance with psychic readings and channeling. By buying the package you save money in total. Each session lasts 1 h, the package must be used within 3 months period from the start of 1st session.

5 sessions package now $555, (regular $665, you save $110) 

10 sessions package now $1111, (regular $1330, you save $219)

Energetic Clean Out Program (one month program) 

Only for my existing clients.

This package includes intense energetic clean out for whole month.  Only offered for my existing clients who have had at least one 2 h Universal Intuitive Healing Facilitation and Soul guidance session and one 1 h Intuitive Reading session. I will be working with you one on one for a whole month to clear out negative energy, rebalance and bring your body, mind and soul to your optimal functional level. One month program will be focused on your overall energetic reading and which areas of your life and body in need of rebalancing and healing. We will address past life traumas, childhood traumas, energy blockages and more.

Please note this program is very intense and requires your full commitment and willingness to do the work. The program lasts 5 weeks and includes:

  • Two (2) 1 h guidance/mentorship sessions per week (total 10 sessions)-$1330 total

  • Herbal consultation and report on detoxing and rebalancing of your body session-$222

  • One (1) 2 h Universal Intuitive Healing Facilitation and Soul Guidance session, to make adjustments on deeper level-$333

Total package price now $1777, regular $1885 (you save $108)

For more questions, please feel free to contact me via email:

or text at 347 244 1617


How to Prepare for a Session:

I offer in-person appointments for my existing clients only.  

Please contact me prior your session if you wish in person session.


For your 2h Universal Intuitive Healing session, please be in a quiet room where you can sit or lay comfortably and undisturbed with a blanket and a glass of water at your reach if needed.

Make sure I can see your whole body when the energy healing starts.


Energy healing sessions are not substitute for professional medical diagnosis and treatments. You are highly recommended to continue seeing your physician and taking your medications. If you feel you have serious medical conditions see your physician first. In person sessions are done with no hand/body contact. I may gently touch top of your head or shoulder during session with your permission only.  Please notify me in advance if you are allergic to any burning incense or natural aroma oils if you are coming to my office.



All information provided by my clients are strictly confidential and never shared. 

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